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Honor the Spirit

This strategy begins with respect for the dignity of each person and encourages us to make time for reflection, reverence, and beauty. It is expressing what is meaningful in our lives by participating in the arts, honouring special life events, and sharing our stories with each other.

Creating Vision Statements increases unity and morale in our homes, schools and workplaces. Many people who are Virtues Project enthusiasts have a daily practice of a virtues pick, using Virtues Reflection Cards or Family Virtues Cards or even the Virtues Card phone app. 

Many schools around the world foster strong school spirit with virtues bulletin boards, choosing a virtue of the month to practice, and creating skits and songs for assemblies.

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Kind words from our clients and sponsors…

"Wherever I turn
in all facets of the diamond life
that is my Self,
there I find
a Virtue,
or a mix of qualities,
informing me
who I am
what I value
how I be"

Nodi Ipp, Master Facilitator, South Africa

"I cannot imagine my life without the Virtues Project strategies. They are an essential part of my living day to day - mothering, partnering, coping, creating, sharing and working with others in team and organisational change."

Kay Miller, organizational consultant, New Zealand

Deepen in the Five Strategies

Just BE

Be yourself

Honor the Spirit of everyone you meet

Practice a routine of reverence

Expose yourself to Beauty