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Virtues Project Master Facilitators provide Facilitator Programs around the world. They are promoted on our web site calendar.¬† A typical schedule is a two-day Introduction to The Virtues Project™ followed by a three-day Facilitator Intensive. ¬†Only those who have attended the Introduction or its equivalent are eligible for the three day Facilitator Intensive.

Facilitators receive a copy of The Virtues Project Leader's Manual and a certificate of attendance. They are encouraged to form a Virtues Connection in their home community. They also receive access to the Facilitator Exchange Google Group in order to share ideas and questions with our global network of Facilitators. Many Master Facilitators offer further mentoring and are available for co-facilitating until a facilitator feels comfortable on his or her own.

Mentorship conferences are held annually in various regions of the world and often, the founders are present. It is a time to share inspiration, ideas, tools and experiences and to hone skills in the Five Strategies™.
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Kind words from our clients and sponsors…

"Being a part of this project has profoundly transformed every area of our lives for over 13 years now. It has given birth to our life's work, altered and created a platform for how we decided to parent, has enriched and deepened our spiritual path, and been the greatest source and connection to our most meaningful and cherished communities. Our lives, our marriage, our children's lives, have been forever changed because of this project thanks to Dan, Linda and John. The strategies have been the canvas from which we have lived our lives and has brought more joy, growth and service to ourselves and others than we could have ever imagined. We thank you for your continual generosity towards bringing about peace in this world and your allowing all of us to walk this path with you and share in the cooperative process, the love, and the eternal gifts it is bringing to all!! From our hearts to yours, we have been blessed to assist you in your dream of changing this world in a generation or two, IT IS HAPPENING and we thank YOU and everyone in this project for being the change we want to see in this world!"

Cynthia & Steven Wand, Utah, Master Facilitators

"This project is the glue to all I the wisdom I have found these last years. Thank you so much for your vision and work!

As a mother, sister, friend, Primary teacher, Family and Children's coach I feel so grateful for the inspiration you have been open to 20 years ago. The bridges you have built to every culture, religion and nation. It makes me so happy and I feel so grateful we can build this world with LOVE. The virtues are all a way of love. If we will open ourselves with the virtues and feel the connection and do all our part, we will have peace and unity, just as in your dream. You have my enthusiasm and loyalty!"

Annette van der Put, Facilitator in the Netherlands, March - 11 - 2008

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