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Speak the Language of the Virtues

Language shapes character. The way we speak and the words we use, have great power to discourage or to inspire.

Our language has great power to influence the lives of others. Whether telling a baby how patient she has been, waiting to be fed, or encouraging a bullying teen to tap into his compassion,  giving performance feedback to an employee, or telling someone what we love about them, language is a mirror of how we value others.

Language is also the vehicle of thought. Peace Pilgrim, a woman who walked across America for the cause of peace, said, “If we knew how powerful our thoughts were, we would never again have another negative thought.”

When our words are weighty, we need to weigh our words. And they always are. The language of virtues helps us to replace shaming and blaming with personal responsibility and respect. It is a frame of reference for bringing out the best in each other. It helps us to become the kind of people we want to be.

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Kind words from our clients and sponsors…

"The profound contribution of The Virtues Project lies in its power to give service in two very important aspects of our humanness. It facilitates deep and meaningful access to the virtues in our daily lives through the five simple strategies, connecting the self with what is noble and essential to our human nature, and connecting the self with others in a spirit of true humanity."

Dorrie Hancock, Mongolia, Master Facilitator

"Our lives, our marriage, our children's lives, have been forever changed because of this project…The strategies have been the canvas from which we have lived our lives and has brought more joy, growth and service to ourselves and others than we could have ever imagined."

Cynthia and Steven Wand, Utah, USA

Speak words of appreciation every day.

Give 3 Virtues Acknowledgments a day.

Replace name calling with a Virtues Correction.

Avoid backbiting for 3 days. Speak only positive words.

Check out You Tube ~ The Virtues Project.