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Offer Companioning

One of the greatest gifts we have to give is our presence -- our compassionate, attentive listening. It is a form of sacred curiosity. By being deeply present and listening with both compassion and detachment, we help others to empty their cup.

This counselling approach empowers others to discern teachable moments and to reflect on their virtues. It supports moral choice, intimacy in relationships, and peaceful conflict resolution.  When we companion, we never ask “why?”.  We use open-ended cup emptying questions starting with “What” and “How”. We always end with a Virtues Acknowledgment, which helps to restore someone who has been vulnerable enough to share openly.

Companioning is a powerful tool for healing grief, anger, and trauma.

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Kind words from our clients and sponsors…

"Wherever I turn
in all facets of the diamond life
that is my Self,
there I find
a Virtue,
or a mix of qualities,
informing me
who I am
what I value
how I be"

Nodi Ipp, Master Facilitator, South Africa

"I cannot imagine my life without the Virtues Project strategies. They are an essential part of my living day to day - mothering, partnering, coping, creating, sharing and working with others in team and organisational change."

Kay Miller, organizational consultant, New Zealand

Deepen in the Five Strategies

Really Listen

Tell your Story

Ask your children or friends to tell their stories

Ask open ended questions