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Set Clear Boundaries

Boundaries keep us safe. Virtues-based boundaries focus on respect, restorative justice, and reparation to create a climate of peace and safety, in our relationships, at home, in school, and in the community. Personal boundaries help us to build healthy relationships, and protect our time, our energy and our health.

Children feel safe when they know where the boundaries are. We tell them what we DO want, not what we don’t want. So, family ground rules or boundaries need to be positively worded virtues statements such as, “We use peaceful language, even when we are upset.” Every family needs four or five ground rules or agreements, at any age and stage.

This IS the time of our lives. We need to design it well. Boundaries help us to live the good life.

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Kind words from our clients and sponsors…

"Wherever I turn
in all facets of the diamond life
that is my Self,
there I find
a Virtue,
or a mix of qualities,
informing me
who I am
what I value
how I be"

Nodi Ipp, Master Facilitator, South Africa

"I cannot imagine my life without the Virtues Project strategies. They are an essential part of my living day to day - mothering, partnering, coping, creating, sharing and working with others in team and organisational change."

Kay Miller, organizational consultant, New Zealand

Deepen in the Five Strategies

Determine what you really need

Ask for what you need

Stay within your own limits

Respect the boundaries of others

Practice Moderation