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What are The Five Strategies™?

The Five Strategies of The Virtues Project™ are practices that bring virtues to life in every relationship. They help us to live authentic, purposeful lives, to raise children of compassion and idealism, and to create a culture of character in our schools and communities.

The Five Strategies apply from the moment a baby is born, to companioning people at the end of life. At every season, the practice of love, patience, compassion, excellence, devotion, and joy allows each act and interaction to be meaningful.
The Five Strategies are:

  • Speak the Language of the Virtues
  • Recognize Teachable Moments
  • Set Clear Boundaries
  • Honor the Spirit
  • Offer Companioning
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"The Virtues Project is a model global program for families of all cultures."
United Nations Secretariat, International Year of the Family

"The Virtues Project is a bridge between cultures."
Robert Greenway, Tahltan elder

We always knew that the main purpose of life on this earth was to develop virtues --- to be 'good' people and 'know' ourselves, but it was The Virtues Project that gave us the knowledge and the tools to begin that journey. Our gratitude for the ongoing growth and development of this great Project is boundless. And, in the process of our personal discovery, we have been privileged to guide others along this essential and meaningful path. What better thing is there than this?
Master Facilitators, Sheldon Ramer, counsellor and psychotherapist, New Zealand
Ellen Montague, administrator of Canterbury Virtues Trust, New Zealand

"TheVirtues Project is one of the best things to happen to the Boys & Girls Club. It helps us respectfully address the spirit of our kids and gives new hope to us all."
S. Lake, Board Member, B&G Clubs Twin Cities, Minnesota

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