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Resources for Educators

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Search for "virtues" on djinkers.com

Virtues Definitions - The Gifts Within (64KB)
Speak the Language of Virtues - Handout (119KB)
Guidelines for Establishing Clear Boundaries (97KB)
ACT with Tact (186KB)
Companioning Process (706KB)

Talks by Dan – Slides and Notes:
Authentic Self-Esteem - Slides & Notes (8MB)
Culture of Character - Slides & Notes (2.6MB)
Different Ways of Knowing - Slides & Notes (3.1MB)
Getting to the Bottom of Values - Slides & Notes (1.3MB)
What are Mentors to Do - Slides & Notes (672KB)

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"This (Pace of Grace) retreat was the most important three days of my life. I measure everything before retreat and after retreat."

Julie M., retreat participant

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