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Virtues Project™ mentors are experienced facilitators who foster the personal or professional growth of an individual. Mentoring is offered in various forms, such as webinars, teleconferences, co-facilitation and individual coaching and companioning.

Mentoring programs are for individuals wishing to deepen in the Five Strategies, or receive personal or professional virtues coaching and companioning. The focus of mentoring can be:

  • Creating a more balanced life design with a pace of grace
  • Enhancing leadership, teaching or parenting skills
  • A spiritual growth process
  • Facilitators developing excellence in facilitation/presentation skills
  • Facilitators wishing to become Master Facilitators.

To discern the mentoring program that is right for you, contact virtuesmentors@virtuesproject.com

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Kind words from our clients and sponsors…

“The Virtues Project awakens the spirit of all people.”

Chief Ann Bayne
Liard First Nation, Canada

“Many people are now working with The Virtues Project as a way of life, a help to renewing their spiritual direction, their primary relationships, and the vitality of their family systems.”

Denis Ladbrook
professor of Social Work, Curtin University, Western Australia

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