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Family and Parenting

Parenting is the most complex and important activity on the planet. Parents are a child's first educator, yet they receive little or no training for this vital role.

The Virtues Project™ helps parents to awaken the qualities of character that exist in potential in their children. By speaking the language of virtues, setting virtues-based boundaries and recognizing teachable moments, we bring out the best in our children -- and ourselves. We become mentors helping our children to become compassionate, courageous, respectful, confident and purposeful. The greatest gift we can give our children is the authentic self-esteem that comes from developing their virtues -- becoming contributors rather than consumers. The world needs people willing to take personal responsibility. Let it be this generation.

When Linda Kavelin Popov appeared on her show, Oprah Winfrey said of The Family Virtues Guide, "How to instill 'do the right thing' virtues in your children. Parents are always saying children don't come with a guidebook. This is one! This helps you get them on the right track of leading a good life."

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Kind words from our clients and sponsors…

"How to instill do-the-right-thing virtues in your children…parents are always saying children don't come with a guidebook. The Family Virtues Guide is one. This helps you to get them on the right track of leading a good life."
     Oprah Winfrey during Linda Kavelin-Popov's guest appearance on

"Since becoming a parent, I have been searching and reading to further my knowledge of how to give the best to my children, and all have seemed to fall short until now. My immersion in the Language of the Virtues will help me to guide and protect my family..forever."
     Lynn M. Gibson, Auckland Parents Center, New Zealand

"The Family Virtues Guide has met with rave reviews. The book features 52 virtues - one for each week of the year, in an easy to follow format. As the quintessential family guidebook, it is something all ages can rally behind. It promotes family togetherness, communication and of course virtuous living."
     Russo's Books, Bakersfield, California

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