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Character is destiny. Virtues are the content of our character. The Virtues Project™ nurtures our children in the skills and qualities they need to be successful in school and in life. Although they are the oldest practices in the world, virtues are essential to the true goal of education – intelligence plus character. Too many of our children are technical wizards and moral illiterates. Power plus control leads to violence. Power plus compassion transforms bullies into leaders.

Schools adopt the strategies and resources in The Virtues Project Educator's Guide to foster academic excellence while creating a culture of caring, as well as trust and unity among staff. The Virtues Project is used by the National Education Association of the U.S., Boys & Girls' Clubs throughout America, and a national Essence Cares mentoring program. Schools across Australia, the Pacific, Africa, India, Europe, and Asia use it as a central tool to enhance social and emotional learning.

From early childhood to university graduation, The Virtues Project helps us to create safe and caring schools.
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Kind words from our clients and sponsors…

"This project can heal the world. Instead of a law telling you what not to do, the virtues help you focus on what TO do. It helps us think of each other differently."
Barry Sutton, Portland, Oregon

"The Virtues Project Educator's Guide has been an invaluable tool, jam-packed with ideas… What more could a teacher want? It has truly made incorporating virtues into the curriculum an easy and fun thing to do!"
Peg Shibuya, Grade 3 teacher, Hokkaido International School, Japan

"Our school has been looking for a plan and a tool to help unify and deliver the help our students so greatly need. This [project] is a huge piece of the puzzle."
Eileen Wainwright, elementary teacher,Victoria Public School
Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Character Education Partnership

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