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Director of Education - Dara Feldman

A nationally recognized speaker, award-winning educator and community leader, Dara Feldman works with corporations, schools and communities throughout the country teaching The Five Strategies™ of The Virtues Projectâ„¢. Whether speaking to a group of 500 educators, 50 business executives or one-on-one with parents, Dara leads highly interactive and experiential workshops using a variety of accelerated learning techniques. Utilizing powerful tools of The Virtues Project combined with her contagious enthusiasm and courage to transform education has had a positive impact on thousands of lives around the nation.

Dara's passion for education began as a young child when her 3rd grade teacher nurtured her through a very difficult time in her life. Dara knew then that her calling was to empower others to know their inherent value and be able to reach their highest potential. A National Board Certified Teacher, she was honored as Disney's Outstanding Elementary Teacher of the Year and Educator of the Year from the National Association for Self Esteem in 2009.

Dara is currently the Director of Education, a Master Facilitator and a Board Chair for the Virtues Project International Association. She is a consultant for the Character Education Partnership, past president of The Maryland Center for Character Education, an expert commentator for Ashoka's Changemakers Competition - Activating Empathy: Transforming Schools to Teach What Matters, a Google Certified Teacher and an Apple Distinguished Educator. After 16 years as a classroom teacher and 5 years as technology specialist for Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland, and 2 years as an instructional coach in DC, she receives requests from organizations around the world to share her expertise both as an early childhood technologist and as an inspiring educator. She is a sought-after keynote speaker in the academic, parenting and business arenas.

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“Dara was a dynamic speaker! I left the workshop with a new energy to take back to the classroom. She touched me in all aspects of life.”

~Teacher, Maryland ACSD Conference


“That was the best professional development I have ever had! Ever! Thank you for giving me the tools I need to find happiness.”

~Frank, Disney Teacher, KIPP NYC


“My life is changing daily – I cannot even begin to tell you the exponential positive impact of this weekend – at home with John, at work, with my children at college. My language has changed and the lightness that virtues have brought to my life.”

~Nancy Nuell, Director of Business Dev and Grants, Montgomery College


“Dara personally reflects the integrity of the virtues she teaches in every aspect of her life, from her continual openness to personal growth, to her family relationships, and her work with colleagues and clients. She is an eloquent, engaging speaker. As the founders of The Virtues Project, we have often chosen her from thousands of other facilitators to represent us in meetings, conferences (including one with the U.S. President), and on national television as well as radio. Dara has contagious enthusiasm and courage in applying the virtues strategies to the issues of the day with hope and a positive approach. I whole-heartedly recommend her as speaker, a facilitator and a consultant."

~Linda Kavelin Popov, CEO Virtues Project International


“Thank you for your generous, thoughtful and moving presentation. Our team is quite impressed by your work, and they are already, exploring how we might introduce you to some other networks of colleagues you might work with. I look forward to learning more from you. Thank you for reaching out and opening our hearts to new possibilities.”

~Tom Carroll, President, National Commission for Teaching & America’s Future


Dara...You were terrific! It was very evident that students, in both classes, were most interested and focused. I thank you for your willingness to provide personal and professional insight to the students, in your presentation. I am honored to be your colleague and friend.”

~Jim DeGeorge, Advocates for Children, University of Maryland


“Dara, thank you for your energy and wisdom! Most of all thank you for investing in us. I have experienced many facilitators of process and you are truly extraordinary! Thank you!”

~Jason Schwartz, President B Kind Vending


Thank you for your compassion in creating a stronger bond by reinforcing the importance and necessity in acknowledging virtues in ourselves and our kids. “

~Blanca, Principal of KIPP NYC


“You were awesome! Thank you so much for coming to the Leadership Forum on the Black Child: Where Are We Now?. You were perfect as the luncheon speaker. People were glued to your presentation and were very inspired by your approach, which is the kind of approach the majority of the audience would take--and you showed some new techniques. God bless you as you keep up the good work. We must plan to do more soon.”

~Mrs. Grady Dale, The American Institute for Urban Psychological Studies, Inc.


“Thank you for your excellent in-service on how to use The Virtues Project for Educators. Your presentation style was dynamic and energized the entire group of 60 professionals. I have never seen our staff so attentive and spellbound! Your personalized examples of how the language of the virtues could be used with our families and our children with special needs helped to strengthen our understanding of how to use this powerful information. The interactive session brought cohesiveness to our unit and increased our level of trust with one another. This was truly a personal, professional and organizational transformative experience.”

~ Lisa G., Speech Pathologist, Montgomery County Public Schools


“What I took away from the workshop were not only skills for instilling positive and virtuous language into my vocabulary, but strategies for communicating with my toddler AND my husband. While The Virtues Project can be easily translated into a parenting method, they can also be applied across the entire spectrum of relationships. After this workshop I am hopeful, inspired, and energized by what I learned.”

~Jessica S., PR Consultant, Wife and Mother

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