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Community Development

A community-wide virtues initiative is a powerful way to apply The Virtues Project™. Launching a Virtue of the Month campaign in a school, a church, or an entire town ignites community spirit. It sets a tone of optimism and unity. After community members in Enfield, Nova Scotia identified their four core virtues, this small Canadian town invited students to design virtues banners that hung over flower baskets throughout the town. The Five Strategies™ are being applied in First Nations communities throughout the world to heal violence with virtues and to restore traditional values.

Schools and villages in Fiji have replaced traditions of caning children and excluding women from decision making with restorative discipline and inclusive virtues practices. Moses Lake, Washington and Pocatella, Idaho used The Virtues Project to heal after student murders. It was used throughout the U.S. Essence Cares community projects as a mentoring tool. It was introduced by the First Lady of Saipan into the national justice system, and is being applied in Health Canada's national Father Involvement Initiative: Building Our Children's Character.

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Kind words from our clients and sponsors…

“I fully endorse The Virtues Project, which promotes such universal values as love, kindness, justice and service. May you be successful in your endeavors."
The Dalai Lama

"As Premier of British Columbia, I would like to commend you on the success of your Virtues series of projects and books, and on the Federal Government's decision to use them as a basis for developing a new program that will help to build healthier relation­ships in families."
Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia, Canada

"I have seen so many programs come and go. They're all band-aids.
The Virtues Project is penicillin. It's the cure."
Mayor Lucinda Fess, Piqua, Ohio, USA

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