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Workshops Currently Scheduled

Mar 28 - May 2 The Virtues Project Facilitator Program
6 TuesdaysWorldwide Webinar

Global Mentorship
 New Zealand
Torbay And Long Bay, Auckland
Jan 26 - Jan 30 South Pacific Events 2017
3 public events + SthPacific Mentorship
Kakamega, Kenya
Feb 23 - Feb 26 Global Mentorship In Kenya
Thursday-SundayAwakening the Gifts Within,Hear the Roar

Introduction to the Virtues Project
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Kind words from our clients and sponsors…

“The Virtues Project awakens the spirit of all people.”

Chief Ann Bayne
Liard First Nation, Canada

“Many people are now working with The Virtues Project as a way of life, a help to renewing their spiritual direction, their primary relationships, and the vitality of their family systems.”

Denis Ladbrook
professor of Social Work, Curtin University, Western Australia

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