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Speakers in North America

Dara Feldman
Maryland, USA, Director of Educational Initiatives for The Virtues Project, A Pace of Grace Facilitator, Disney's Outstanding Elementary Teacher of the Year,  a National Board Certified Teacher, Instructional Coach and an Apple Distinguished Educator. Enthusiasm, creativity and excellence are her trademark virtues. www.heartofeducation.net, www.giftsofcharacter.org, www.capacitiescourse.com, Tel: 1 301-529-1302, email: dara@giftsofcharacter.org

Barry Lewis Green
Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, is a dynamic, interactive presenter on character and virtues in leadership, teams, education, and community with 25 years experience as a professional, corporate and personal speaker and trainer. www.theunityconnection.com

Val Hilliker
Alberta, Canada, Comedy Ventriloquist, & Certified World Laughter Leader, Val infuses the virtues into her presentations, to gently awaken virtues through laughter. Val the Virtues Ventriloquist~ Engaging audiences of all ages everywhere. www.valhilliker.com val@valhilliker.com

Eric “Duke” McCaskill
Virginia, USA. He often speaks on “From Bullyship to Leadership”, and works with youth and adult audiences. A powerful presenter, who integrates music into his engaging presentations. ermack58@yahool.com or contact him on Facebook

WombWork Productions
Baltimore, Maryland. Powerful theatrical performances with music, dance and virtue themes for youth and adults. www.wombwork.com
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Kind words from our clients and sponsors…

“The Virtues Project awakens the spirit of all people.”

Chief Ann Bayne
Liard First Nation, Canada

“Many people are now working with The Virtues Project as a way of life, a help to renewing their spiritual direction, their primary relationships, and the vitality of their family systems.”

Denis Ladbrook
professor of Social Work, Curtin University, Western Australia

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