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Virtues Connections

A Virtues Connection is a group of people who come together regularly to share the strategies and practices of The Virtues Project™ or use the exercises in a virtues book such as A Pace of Grace or ¬†Family Virtues Guide. It can be a neighbourhood group or a national organization. Some, such as New Zealand, Kenya and Fiji, choose to become a formal NGO (non-governmental organization) which qualifies them to seek grants for their community development work. In a school, it can be a team of teachers, students and parents coordinating monthly virtues activities.

Forming a Virtues Connection simply requires a willing contact person to coordinate and someone familiar with virtues books and materials. It is helpful to have a Virtues Facilitator present. Send the name (e.g. Virtues Connection Moscow or Virtues Connection Netherlands) to our webmaster for our international directory.

Meetings usually include: An opening such as a Virtues Pick for the group or for each individual, a professional or personal development presentation, sharing of ideas and plans, refreshments and a closing such as a Gratitude Circle.

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“From the mountains of Aotearoa we send our greetings.
From our great lakes, waters and mountains, we send our greetings.
From our seas and our islands, we send our greetings
For all the wonder filled gifts the Virtues Project has brought Aotearoa we send our heart felt aroha
tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou’’

Lynne Klap, NZ Virtues Trust - On Behalf of the NZ Virtues Trust (past & present)

“I have been struggling for some time now
to find a way to contribute
to this tribute.

Wherever I turn
in all facets of the diamond life
that is my Self,
there I find
a Virtue,
or a mix of qualities,
informing me
who I am
what I value
how I be

annals of appreciation
must be reduced,
or lost in hyperbole

The 3 Eagles of
Salt Spring tears
speak the truth of their experience
with dignity and with honour,
with Deep resonance,
with The Great Spirit.”

Nodi Ipp, Master Facilitator South Africa, April - 13 - 2008

Form a Virtues Connection

Feature A Pace of Grace in your book club

Begin an after school virtues program

Contribute to Kenya Virtues Connection