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Board of Directors

Eva Marks MacIsaac - Chief Executive Officer

Dara Feldman:
Chairperson and Liaison Education and Professional Development and Fund Development Committee

Barbara Mackenzie:
Secretary and Liaison Communications/Marketing and Newsletter Committee

Donna Wheatcroft:
Vice Chairperson and Liaison Research Committee

Valerie Hilliker:
Treasurer and Co-Chair of the Fund Development Committee

Geoff Smith:
Advisory Board Member

Penelope Sampson:
Board Member and Liaison Mentoring Program Committee

Jodi Williams:
Board Member and Liaison Governance, Nominations and Human Resources Committee

Valerie Hess:
Board Member and Co-Chair of TVP International Development Committee

Kimiko Schwerin:
Board Member and Co-Chair of TVP International Development Fund Committee

Currently recruiting:
Board Member and Liaison TVP Trauma Healing Program Committee

Volunteer Opportunities with VPIA:

VPIA welcomes applications to volunteer with our Association. Available Board Member and Committee Chairperson positions will be posted on this web site in Sept of each year. A description of all VPIA Board Member and Committee Chairperson positions can be found in the VPIA Terms of Reference Document at the following link: VPIA Terms of References. Applications for committee volunteer positions are assessed as they are received. If you are interested in volunteering with a VPIA committee please complete and submit the application form and you will be contacted by the appropriate committee chairperson for an interview.

See the "General Volunteer Application Form" link to the right to fill in the application form.

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Kind words from our clients and sponsors…

“What a gift you are to me personally, to my family, to my community, to this nation, to this world. You lit my flame from your own, and that spark will continue to spread light in others - for eternity.

What courage I have, because of your courage.

What passion I feel, because of your passion.

What hope I know, because of your hope.

What grace I live, because of your grace.

You took your thoughts from conversation to reality, devoted the past 20 years to nurture and develop it and gifted it to the world with pure love, honour and trust.

~ Bless You ~ Thank You ~ Namaste ~”

Barbara Mackenzie, Fathering Involvement Initiative, Canada


“Your sense of grace. Your mission of peace. Your idealism and courage and generosity of spirit, beautifully wrapped within a countenace of humility and thankfulness. Your words into deeds. Your seemingly tireless approach to this noble work.

I remember asking you in Truro "What is your business model?" Your answer gave clarity for me, on my own path... inspiration. It is your approach to service and the sacred, your marriage of work and joyfulness, your initiative and willingness to be "on the front lines".... these are things of which I marvel. “

Barry Green, Newfoundland, Canada, Master Facilitator

“I honor you for hearing the "call" of our time, creating a clear mission and acting upon you vision with such devotion. In doing so you are among that special circle of people who recognize the transformative energy of the time in which they live and take action to use that energy to raise our human family to a new level of maturity. I am very grateful to witness your vision develop and grow and cheer you on every step of the way.”

Evelyn Belzer, Illinois educator


“Who are these people?

Who are so full of grace

Who diligently and enthusiastically

Share their gifts with the world

And who see the potential in everyone they meet.

What a joy

What a privilege

To encounter their wisdom


Linda Walker, USA, Facilitator


“I have always loved making a difference to people, encouraging my students to be the best they can be, and sharing my journey with others. The Virtues Project and A Pace of Grace are the best vehicles I have found for doing these things. Most of my life I wanted to be profound but The Virtues Project taught me that life is not about being profound and fixing others; it is about journeying together; discerning my own holy ground; and offering companioning to others, trusting them to find their own solutions. Thank you Linda, Dan and John for a great gift and the freedom to share it in ways that work for us. I am loving this focus for my retirement.”

Betty Doherty, Canadian Educator, Master Facilitator

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